St Mary Magdalen's RC Junior School

We wanted to give the children access to the 21st Century and the learning opportunities that it is bringing with it.

Eneas McNulty, Lead IT Teacher

St Mary Magdalen's RC Junior School is located in Willesden Green, in the London Borough of Brent. With a larger than average size of 323 pupils between the ages of 7 and 11, pupils at St Mary Magdalen's come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and almost half speak English as their second language.

The school began to implement the London MLE In October 2007, to a selected number of gifted and talented students. They then had a wider roll out to Year 6 and then Year 4 classes. The first children were given access to the MLE tools, to support learning and engagement through the virtual environment. The children used the platform to help with project work, including a Year 6 assignment on famous people. The MLE allowed the children to access resources from all over the globe and find pictures of their favourite celebrities. St Mary Magdalen's has also collaborated with other schools through the London MLE, allowing the children to get to know pupils in other cities and countries.


It's a really fun program to go on. You can do projects and use it at home and carry on with your work.

Year 6 pupil


For those children without access at home, the school allocated extra time before and after school, to spend time on the platform. A project has also been started in collaboration with PC World and Home to help provide laptops for those without computers at home.

The platform has been such a success that by the end of the academic year, St Mary Magdalen's hopes to have the entire school online and using Fronter. Particular success has been reported with special needs and EAL children (those learning English as an additional language), as the London MLE offers a more interactive and stimulating method of learning - aiding education where traditional methods have failed.

Positive feedback and enthusiasm for the product has been received from not only the children using Fronter but from parents as well.


Parents are commenting positively on their children's engagement.

 Mr McNulty

Overall, the implementation of the Fronter MLE into St Mary Magdalen's Primary School has been a true success, with children, teachers and parents enthusiastic about the new learning experiences and opportunities that the children now have access to.

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