Prestenga Nursery - Municipality of Askim

Prestenga Nursery has 135 children aged from 0 - 6 years, 14 preschool teachers and a total of 38 employees. The nursery has ICT - and math rooms, as well as a carpentry workshop and a recycling warehouse. The other rooms can be changed according to what kind of activities the children are interested in.


What I like about Fronter is that youdon't have to print documents. You can write directly into a forminside Fronter and have access to the system both at home and atwork

 Trond Kalhagen, Nursery Leader


Spring 2009 the municipality of Askim decided to use the Fronter learning platform at all schools and nurseries. In September 2009 the implementation was completed. It was important for the administration of the nursery that the children could follow a single platform from the nursery all the way up through high school.

Fronter offers children the opportunity to use the Internet in a safe and suitable manner. It is also "interaction channel" for information and communication with the parents. Kalhagen emphasizes the importance of approaching the system slowly. To begin with employees use Fronter to access memos from meetings, forms, templates, plans and similar.


Fronter is a complex system that is easy to use.


Prestenga developed a questionnaire where staff was asked to say something about their first impression of Fronter. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. Staff is getting basic computer training as well and the aim is for this to be a learning experience that teachers and children can share.


Fronter provides new opportunities for contact with parents. You can clarify things easier, but you will of course be available in a completely different way


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