Moriah Jewish Day School - The Hidden Curriculum

In addition to the importance that we place on high academic achievement, we also promote the values that will ensure our pupils develop into proud, responsible citizens.

 Moriah School Prospectus

The use of the Fronter MLE at Moriah Jewish Day School, Harrow not only supports the 'Academic Curriculum' in the school but also the 'Hidden Curriculum', allowing pupils & staff to communicate through the MLE tools, especially 'Forums', enabling them to express thoughts & ideas.

They are able to discuss ideas such as joy, embarrassment & excitement. Using the Fronter MLE allows the school to extend the time given to explore their feelings & allows them to comment on others achievement, giving views, ideas & support. "Something we find difficult to do at length in class time with our crowded curriculum."

The school shares the pupil's excitement of going online & commenting on others success & giving positive reinforcement. The MLE is a way we can show & encourage our 'sharing & caring' attitude & engage in 'positive reinforcement'.
The online weekly newsletter looks at each class's achievements & is accessible via the MLE.

A new development for the school is the creation of the YR6/YR7 transition room. Created by YR7 ex pupils, it will help YR6 pupils to discuss worries & concerns about the change to 'High School' & the YR7 pupils to engage in positive reinforcement.

The hidden curriculum is taught by the school, not by any teacher...something is coming across to the pupils which may never be spoken in lessons or prayed about in assembly. They are picking-up an approach to living and an attitude to learning.

 Roland Meighan - A Sociology of Education

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