Fronter Development at our School Newhaven Pupil Referral Unit

Above: Fronter Champions at Newhaven School - David Morley, Stephanie Parker and Phil Moody

After management set staff and students a target for the use of Fronter within lessons at Newhaven PRU, a comprehensive program was put together with fantastic results!

The Plan
A broad target was set involving thinking outside the box and delivering the curriculum in an innovative manner. All staff and pupils received training in the use of Fronter, which included taking part in 6 twilight sessions over the course of the year to support the technicalities involved. Subject leaders have focused on curriculum and small individual groups have worked on individual programmes. We are committed as a staff to developing Fronter and have seen some fantastic results.

The Impact
Pupils at Newhaven PRU are benefiting in a number of ways via Fronter:

  • Class Templates: Lessons are being designed with a standard format across subjects, using templates. This makes lesson content easier to access, especially for pupils who do not attend regularly
  • New resources: We have researched new resources, especially weblinks, for every subject, and these have been loaded into Fronter. This enables teachers to offer more variety in their lessons, and pupils to be more engaged in their learning
  • Improved learning continuity during absence: Pupils who are absent for whatever reason are able to access lessons from home, as long as they have the Internet.
  • Reinforcement of learning objectives: Pupils can repeat any lesson they wish to, if they need to remind themselves of the content
  • Flexible learning: Virtual pupils, who are not able to attend our PRU for whatever reason, can take part in lessons at their convenience
  • Resource variety: Mixed lesson resources are held in a single place, so that they can be accessed together on demand

Where to next?

In the future we hope to expand our use of Fronter to allow pupils to:

  • Integrate Forums: Contribute to forums that allow feedback between pupils and teachers, and between pupils themselves. This should make pupils who are remote from the school feel more a part of it, and reduce their sense of isolation
  • Online homework: Submit homework remotely for electronic marking and feedback
  • Communication with Parents: In addition we intend to use Fronter as an extra communication tool between the school and parents


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